Sunday, September 11, 2016

Southern Summer

Kayak Cafe tacos with the best scratch lime garlic dressing

Beetnix: Warrior One Pitaya Bowl sub coconut for cacao

The Collins Quarter: Mimosa Bondi Sunrise & Drip Brew

The Collins Quarter: The Daily Catch

The Collins Quarter: Eggs Benedict on Gluten Free Toast

The Paris Market

South Carolina Peaches

SoHo South Cafe

Really enjoyed meeting Rosa at RMC Boutique! Shop her fabulous boutique at

"Woodbury, GA": Senoia, GA


Be sure to enjoy the Lemon Basil Vodka Martini at Irene's

Lake Travis, Texas

Quack's Bakery in Austin, Texas

Mayfield Park

The Monument Cafe: Scratch Peach Jam

Cenote: Kale Scramble

Cenote: Eggs Benedict