Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meeting Tim Gunn

Aright! Meeting Tim Gunn was phenomenal!! Probably the best that anyone could have imagined. You know how brutally honest Tim can be (thankfully he can be honest to help you out of your rut). He will tell you if he absolutely does not like something, and vice verse. He said to me.... I love your style from head to toe (thank goodness b/c i never wear my hair curly anymore since I'm in that awkward in between stage from an extreme chic bob to long hair). He even had me do the twirl!!! Thank goodness to my senses as I woke this morning!! Thank goodness to the Texas air for being a cool 75 degrees so that I could where a great outfit. Praise to my navy plaid Sperry Topsiders, BDG Men's skinny denim, charcoal brown lace v-neck tank with super cinched waist on the derriere which was hugged by my blue floral textured jacket and topped off with a long gold and pearl necklace and a vintage Timex wristwatch from my Gramma's generation. He was happily thrilled when I let him in on my little secret that I was wearing men's skinny jeans. He praised on the runway that men should not be afraid to wear women's clothes appropriately and vice-verse. As long as it looks good! He stated that more should do it. Check back for my album to see if you spot some same pieces on both the boy/girl models.

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