Sunday, April 22, 2012

Numero Uno: The Bathroom

Since March I have been trying to redo our bathroom in our one bedroom apartment.  Yes when we moved to Austin we downsized to a one bedroom, laugh if you want....I chastise it mostly.  But now I will do anything to keep from moving again, that is until we finally purchase a home.  Anyway needless to say since we were without our furniture for two years due to our constant moving one bedroom seemed appropriate.  Now furniture is here and two years later I have new taste.  Imagine that.  To keep from breaking the piggy bank and from investing in a whole new look for an apartment rather than a house I have decided we will spruce up a few key elements.  The Bathroom is numero uno.

Last fall I really wanted to go Parisian in the bathroom with soft blues and chocolates. But really we have all the necessary bathroom equipment from our Florida styled home.  So instead I went for a little inspiration at my husband and I's favorite sandwich & salad stop Newk's Express Cafe.  I painted one accent corner Aruba Blue from the Benjamin Moore paint collection and left the frames and rest of the bathroom white.  But really the blue paint on its own was way out of place until I realized I needed a pop of a serious contrasting color.  I quickly went out and got a $13 orange heliconia plant.  Why I didn't realize that Newk's had already placed the same plant in their bathroom when I picked up the paint color I do not know.  Now this past week I have been desperately attempting to keep the plant alive but that is another story.  Who knew that Heliconias are suspectible to root rot!  I am not a green thumb, for we live in an apartment for pete's sake.  Anyway that is why you do not see the plant in the photo below.

Now the question is to do or not to do......  The bathroom mats are ready to be replaced and I really want a bamboo or wood to add to the tropical vibe.  I have searched high and low and these wood and bathroom mats start at $70 and go up for just one.  Not only are the expensive but it is extremely difficult to find the color and size and other details that would fit just perfect.  So I have been patient.  Until NOW!!!  Two days ago I went to Target and spotted a mahogany wood bath mat for $24.99.  I immediately bought two.  The wood style and color coordinated with our bamboo/wood bronze weave in the fixtures so why not try. But now I am unsure......I need help to decided.  Please offer your opinions.

1.  Will a wood bath mat from Target actually hold up and serve its purpose?? I mean there has to be a reason that I can't seem to find those type of matts anywhere else for less than $70 right???

2.  This seems to be a lacquered wood of some sort?  Not sure but I can tell you it is shiny are we going to slip when stepping out of our GIGANT-O garden tub?  And I do mean gigantic!!  There is like a 3 foot drop when getting out.

3.  Then again I have got to remember I am sprucing up an apartment for cheap.  That is the whole point so maybe, just maybe these are the way to go.

Help I need answers.  I am so waiting to take those tags off until I hear some equalizing advise.

Next stop will be the shower curtain.  Well actually we don't even use a shower curtain in our bathroom due to some crazy shower door design that the apartment community put on our giant garden tubs.  All I can say is... REALLY??!!!!!!!  But once again I stumbled upon amazing inspiration at my dearest friend Rhonda's home where she put a second large shower rod above the permanent apartment rod fixture and draped her curtains from high above.  Just beautiful.  So now I am going to attempt the same thing but instead have the curtains swept to the side for aesthetic value.  I am thinking white but not sure b/c the rest of the bathroom is white.  If I find a coordinating color will it be too much???  I see that Target has all of there amazing $35 fabric shower curtains on clearance for $10 now. Any suggestions???

Until next time....

Update 8-12-2012

It has been several months since I have posted anything about the bathroom project.  Since I last posted I have added the Pottery Barn Tava Accessories Set, a Bromeliad (which has already been replaced by a second Bromeliad), and few minor things here and there.


  1. Angela ---Try painting the rugs with some of the paint from the walls --and then laguer the top --- you can even put some flecks of paint -- in the garden/patio section of Home Depot, etc... paint and while still wet -- sprinkle some of the flecks on top -- dry then laquer (bad spelling!!) -- or paint then hang them on the wall!! Miss ya 'all -- Love to both - Nannie!! (Please tell B/D Boy the card is on the way!)

  2. Okay I really cannot have a plant in Texas because my second bromeliad is already dying. I take that back, last week it was dying this week it is dead. I need to find a bright orange fake bromeliad somewhere!!

  3. I think it is time to give up on the tropical plants for this bathroom and redo everything...