Monday, May 7, 2012

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - May 6, 2012

Okay I know I am very late watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 but there is a very good reason.  I was never seriously into any of the Twilight movies.  In fact I never once had the urge to go to the theater for any of the first 4 movies.  However, one day while visiting San Marcos, Texas my husband and I stumbled upon this amazing bookstore in downtown.  One that sold all their books for $2.00 or less on a dated scale.  Meaning they were all pre-ticketed with 3 dates and 3 prices and if the book was on the shelf when the second and third date hit the the price dropped to the next level.  Well needless to say I got 3 of the 4 Twilight Saga books for less than $5.00 so I bought them.  This was way back in July and I had to really motiviate myself to read them. Finally I cracked open cover in September.  Now before reading the book I was a firm believer that the acting in the Twilight movies 1 through 3 was terrible.  I totally felt that the storyline had potential in the movies but acting...UGH!!!  As I began to read the first book I started to understand why the casting was done as it was and why the movies were written as they were.  However, I was never trulyable to appreciate the books until I started Breaking Dawn as I had seen the first three movies on DVD so it left little to properly imagine.  Anyway, I continued to tell myself through all of these books that I needed to finish them before the last movie was released in theater so I could actually see it on the big screen for the final judgement.  Okay so I finally finished the last book on May 6, 2012, yes I know I am a slow reader.  I'm very busy so there is not a whole lot of time to put into reading a leisure book.  By noon I finished the book and was super excited to watch the movie today.  The Breaking Dawn book was totally amazing.  Absolutely excellent. Details were great.

THE MOVIE:  .......Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1:   SUCKED!!!  Absolutely horrible.  I will state this up front.  I am no longer biased because I have read the book and can honestly say that the movie was horrible not due to the acting but solely because of the director/movie direction. Utter Crap!!   The movie completely strayed away from the book.  Let me make very clear for those who have never read the book and only seen the movie that the wolf physical fight scene never actually happened.  Not once!  So many necessary moments were skipped in the movie and so many fake stories were added in.  They could have definitely found a better way to portray the book in 2 hours or less if time was a concern to the director.

Now what I don't understand is when I read movie reviews online why I haven't run across someone who has actually read the book and dislikes it.  The only reviews I find are either A) you liked the movie and never read the book or B) you hate the movie but never read the book to actually have anything to compare it too.


All I can say now is please, please, please read the book.  My teachers could never persuade me that books are always better than movies.  But Twilight has made me a firm believer.  Maybe that is why Bella Swan appreciates Wuthering Heights.

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