Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Fun Car of My Dreams

One evening John and I went to for a company meet up at a local dive bar. Upon our arrival we parked near a super fun car that I now want to create myself.  I have wanted a Volkswagen bug since I was 14 and have only dreamed of one.  Note I said bug not beetle!  I want one of the cute originals in a beautiful light powdery blue with a soft top and another of practically any color in a hard top.  

Now everyone knows that I am quite the do-it-yourself  creative type so seeing this car really has me going.  I want to find a junker that runs and deck the baby out to my strongest desire.  If I could fill an olympic size swimming pool with glitter, diamonds, rhinestones, and anything sparkly I would.  Be sure to add the diving boards.  Seriously when Mr. McDuck in Ducktales swam in his gold is honestly what I am envisioning with anything sparkly and glamorous.  Call me a girl.

This car actually reminds me of how my bedroom(s) where decorated during my jr. high and high school years.  The outlandish creative girl where schoolmates were surprised that I could do something cool.  Yes I majored in fashion and I loved to be a trendsetter but I think I was far too early for my years because it wasn't always an appreciation of the coolest with teenagers.  Eventually some things I did caught on.  Remind me and I promise I will post some old pictures one day.

Anyway here is this crazy awesome car.  Points for the artist who spent their time and energy creating such a wonderful piece.  I hope that I run into you and your car again someday!

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