Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quack's 43rd Street Bakery

My husband and I frequented this bakery quite a bit this summer.  Tucked away in the historic Hyde Park district of Austin, Texas it is one of those secret delights.  Quack's 43rd Street Bakery serves until midnight and very well maybe the only one, at least the only one that I have come across.  The shop is always full of the young and young-at-heart visiting their friends, sorting themselves by writing their thoughts, or perhaps studying for what tomorrow may bring.  Quack's  which is owned by Art Silver was the very first coffeehouse in Austin and was originally located on the Drag next to the University of Texas.

My favorite thing about Quack's 43rd Street Bakery is that all of their pastries, muffins, confections, pies, and cakes actually taste wonderful.  When I say wonderful it is high mark for food since my pallet is extremely picky.  My friends and family privately know me as a food critic.  The majority of cupcakeries, bakeries, and dessert foodie trucks around here I strongly dislike as they cater to the American's preference of too much sugar and not enough flavor.  This bakery has more of the European hand by not overpowering the taste with an overload of sugar.  They bake goods fresh for you every single day.

If you do decide to make a late night of it then check out the glass case just right of the cash register.  There is always a surprise waiting as only that case carries pastries that are buy one get one free after 6:30pm.  You can never predict what you will end up with but you can be sure it will be delicious.  One night on a whim I chose the Apple Danish, now I am hooked.  I have never been one for a danish prior to this bakery.  Try heating it for 10 seconds, it will melt in your mouth.

However the very first crumb I ever tasted from this bakery was the Mint Ganache Chocolate Cake.  It was this cake that determined that it was okay to pick up a bakery dessert for guests whom you are entertaining at your home.  No longer did I feel the pressure of having to hand make the desserts if I wanted something delicious to share for at a dinner party.  


You may decide to stop in if your hungry for a more sturdier meal and something to wash it down.  Quack's carry a small assortment of sandwiches, salads and such that invite the carnivore, vegetarian or vegan in you.  Of course they accommodate the Austinites who need TopoChico bottle to swig from.

I will admit that I am somewhat partial to a place that makes anything French.  Check out these adorable French shortbread and sugar cookies.  So inexpensive I might add.

 My priority list of goodies to try next time I visit has already too many for one day.  They include the beautiful Key Lime pie and the Peanut Butter Fudge cake.

Want more information?  Try them for yourself.

By the way I absolutely love their contrasting walls and vintage furniture.

 411 E. 43rd St.
Austin, TX 78751


  1. Ok you've convinced me! I can't wait to visit Quack's when I come to Austin!!!

  2. It really is a great bakery. Excellent coffee too! One of our favorite places in Austin for sure.

  3. Everyone needs a wonderful bakery in their life, but few actually get one. I had Mel's Bakery, which is long gone. However, I still have the 'sweet' memories.
    Aunt Shirley

  4. That's awesome ! Congrats !

    Chris O'

  5. We just got back from Quacks and I using my laptop while noshing on something new. The almond chocolate croissants are delicious!!