Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Products I Love - Cosmetics

I wanted to share some of the cosmetic products that I  LOVE using daily!

1.  Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Fireberry by Clinique 
Love:  My lips stay so soft when I use this lip gloss.  I was very surprised to find out that I don't have an allergy flare up after using this with my extremely sensitive lips.  The fireberry color is a gorgeous touch to any outfit.  Totally glams you up without any effort. 
Downfall: Well I've gone through two wands and nothing so far. 
 Approximately $15.00

2. High Impact Curling Mascara in black by Clinique
Love: Thanks to this warm-water removal formula this is the only mascara that does not run down my face.  Within 30 minutes of putting on other mascara formulas I look like a raccoon and my eyes furiously burn.  
 Downfall:  The curved brush is a challenge since I have natural, super curly eyelashes.  I would really appreciate a straight brush version to lessen the morning mistakes.
Approximately $16.00

3. Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief by Clinique
Love:  My skin feels comfortable all day long.  I have seriously combination skin where half is a patch of break out and the other half is seriously dry.  It is completely asymmetrical and there is no boundary line for either side of the fence.  This moisturizer makes my face feel balanced throughout the entire day.  No additional breakouts and definitely a lot less dryness.  A little product goes a long way.  
Downfall:  I wish there was more product in the pot for the price point.  Now compared to other high-end brands it isa steal-of-a-deal but since I use it twice-a-day I do wish I got more.  Fortunately, I can get an approximate 3 months use out a 1.7 ounce pot.
Approximately $37.00 to $50.00

4. High Impact Lip Color in Red-Y To Wear by Clinique
Love: Can I just say that this is the very first time in my 28 year living history that I have found a lipstick that I feel comfortable and in-my-own skin wearing?  And this is the very first lipstick that my sensitive lips don't fuss over.  This particular color has a great blue undertone so that it is a truly classic red lip.  Excellent in the winter for both color and comfort.  Of course the best way to wear this is fill in your lips with the Quickliner for Lips in Rich Red by Clinique so that it your look will last longer.  
Downfall:  Well...I get a compliment every day that I use this color so I have no qualm.
Approximately $15.00

5. Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel in Original by Neutrogena
Love: The fragrance.  It brings me back to my childhood summers (as young as five) when I spent vacations with my Aunt Shirley.  I strongly remember thinking she was a cool, single woman in the 1980's who owned her own house and was a fitness guru.  I felt so good when I got to use her special shower gel.  Now I get to indulge regularly always leaving my skin so soft and a lingering scent the entire day.
Downfall: Can be expensive for a shower gel.  Purchase the larger size to get more for your money.  Use a discount card/coupon for places like Ulta.  Utilize your Costco membership to snag the 40 ounce for as low as $12.00 - $17.00.  Even check out Nordstroms Rack who has been know to carry this lush goodie front and center.
Approximately $8.00 to $27.00

6. The Morroccan Oil Collection
Love: The way my hair looks and feels.  I have naturally curly hair and during the humid summer  it can be especially treacherous.  The shampoo and conditioner smell great and make my hair much more manageable.  The Curl Defining Cream actually does define my curls like no other product I have used before.  I don't have to add any other styling product to my curls such as mousse when I use it.
Downfall:  Pricepoint but if the saying is "You pay for what you get" then it should be applied to the Moroccan Oil.
Approximately: $20.00 per bottle 

Update on 11/21/2012:
Regarding #6 Morroccan Oil Collection.  
Over the course of 1.5 months I have been trying to mend my hair after a Keratin disaster which ruined my hair.  This was a no chemical treatment that only used goat protein so it should have been fine but was horrible.   The Keratin treatment took place in June but I had been on the mend since.  Well I finally thought I was getting somewhere but wasn't sure because my hair kept falling out into chunks when I would comb it, and I could only comb wet with conditioner or I couldn't comb it at all.  I decided to take a 1.5 month break from the Morroccan oil and use other products and miraculously my hair immediately showed improvement.  This past weekend I decided to use the Morroccan Oil Collection again and it was awful.  I had a thick chunk of hair with the circumference the size of the palm of my hand come out.  So after having $100 of product sitting in my shower I have now decided it is NOT worth the use and destroying my hair.  While I had a horrible time with the keratin treatment drying out and frizzing up my hair more, the Morroccan Oil Collection literally has been removing my hair from my head!!!  Don't waste your money on this product.  It is horrible for you.


  1. Being using Neutrogena for many many years! Great stuff -- dosen't dry your skin out -- she's right -- try it!

  2. I Love Clinque products and have used them forever! Great for the skin and fairly easy on the purse!!! As for the raintree shower/bath -- Totally Awesome --- the only thing that is on the selve in the shower!! Great tips!!!