Sunday, September 23, 2012

PSA for Texas Drivers

Anyone who has ever lived or visited Texas can validate that it is a Deep-Texan thing to drive without a care to others on the road.  Seriously the state government really needs to address this.

1) Try driving in your lane.  NOT over the line so that you are half in your lane and half in the shoulder.  NOT over the line so you are half in your lane and half in someone else's lane.

Anoymous Texas Driver heading from Ennis, Texas to Italy, Texas

2) Turn OFF your engine while pumping gas.  There is an extreme amount of offenders in the Ennis, Texas area.  Just because you are ignorant does not mean that I want to blow up.

3) If you are on the highway then move over and allow people entering from the ramp to get on to the highway.  This is a big problem in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, drivers refuse to let others come in on the entrance ramp resulting in many stopped cars.

4) Just because you have a truck does not mean that you can use your cow catcher bumper to push your way through traffic.

5) If there is any moisture on the ground try SLOWING DOWN.  Just because you think that you are invincible does not mean that your car or the others around you are.  

February 2012 Austin, Texas FM2222 at Riverplace Blvd
6)  Please learn how to judge your time accordingly.  Just because you want to pull out on the big hill does not mean that there is no one coming from the other side.  Slamming on your gas pedal doesn't always equate to us being able to slam on our breaks.  Especially if you are on the FM620 hill near Comanche Trial and Steiner Ranch Steakhouse.  

Come back for regular pictures and updates.  If you have a picture you want to share let me know. Try not include license plates but if you have no choice I can blur them.

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