Saturday, December 1, 2012

ATX 360 XMAS 2012

The Christmas tradition in Austin is to randomly select and decorate a living tree on Highway 360.  At first, a few trees would randomly be done overnight keeping the decorators identity a mystery.  From what I can tell this had been going on for a little more than a decade.  An old article I found last year reported that a journalist tried to contact the local highway department who had never condoned the act but instead just looked away.  Well it eventually caught on as now more than a hundred trees and growing are decorated in just one quarter mile stretch of the highway.  Starting Thanksgiving week you will find cars lined up the side of the road as its owner is searching for the perfect tree.  In fact, if you haven't put up your tree by Thanksgiving Saturday then good luck to you in finding one that can be seen from the highway!!  Other cities may hop on to the trend but just remember Austin was the original.   KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD.

This is our very first tree:

A few articles if you would like to read up and plan your next Christmas in the ATX !!!

Check out some of the other trees and some of the other decorators that I caught out and about Thanksgiving weekend.  I do apologize that I could not get everyone's tree posted as I had over 300 pictures just from that weekend.  And as of today there are soooo many more trees that have been added.

A few active participants :-)

- 2013 CHRISTMAS - 

The FSU one was put up just before the bowl games!!


  1. I love the tree --- peanuts!!!! Wonderful tradition that Austin has --- the rest of America should do that!!! Proud that the both of you took part in this tradition!!! Merry Christmas to all of austin for the Spirit and Reason for the Season! Love ya' all Nannie

  2. Hi Angela:

    Happy & Prosperous holidays to you & family.

    That is unique looks so nice!

    ~Yolanda M.

  3. By Christmas there were over 1,000 trees just on 360. Plus many trees popped up in other communities carrying on the 360 tradition to their neigborhoods!