Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cedar Sachets to Protect Your Clothes

John and I have been purchasing cedar blocks and balls for our closets and dresser drawers for over a year now and none of them seem to actually keep out the moths.  We have been replacing them and sanding them to refresh the scent but it never lasts.  So this time we decided to make our own cedar sachets.  Yes it does save money because over time you won't have to continuously replace the supplies by purchasing all new products but we did not chosse this method to save money alone.  We were tired of the hassle and our clothes not being protected.  Try this and see how it works.  So far it has worked for us.

Supplies Needed:

*10 inch tulle circles
*1/8 inch Ribbon (Spool)

Just use one circle, put a small handful of cedar shavings in the center, and tie up with ribbon


*Get 10 inch tulle circles from the craft store in a 25 pack for only $3.00.  Choose any color you wish.  I used the Gold Rush because I felt that it was the most versatile.  This method is a lot easier than purchasing tulle by the yard in the fabric department.  This way you do not have to worry about cutting the tulle down to the dimensions you need.

*The 1/8 inch ribbon brand Berwick Offray is great for this project and very inexpensive.  Again a wide array of colors to choose from to coordinate with the look you are trying to achieve.

*We ended up purchasing our cedar chips from Petsmart at $7.49.  25 sachets worth barely dented the bag.  You are better off getting with a few friends to split the bag so that you don't have so much left over.  Remember that although this a very cost effective way the primary reason to make your own cedar sachets is so that the cedar scent lasts longer and the repellent is most effective against moths and other insects.

* Tie up the sachets in your closet or tie the ribbon into a bow for those that will sit inside your dresser drawer. 
These are the pre-made blocks we have purchased in the store but after a few days to few weeks are useless


  1. What a wonderful idea -- it would make terrific gifts!!! Good for you!!!! Much love being sent your way! Merry Christmas!!!!! Miss you both! Nannie

  2. Great idea and surely a money saver. I'm going to give it a try. Sure beats price of sachets at Pier One and other stores. Also the price of moth balls is high, even at Wal Mart. Enjoy your blogs, thanks for sending them to me.
    ~Louise G