Monday, December 24, 2012

Cookie Cutter Addiction

I have become somewhat of an addict when it comes to collecting cookie cutters. You can blame it on one little snowflake.  The catch is that I like only a very specific type of cutter.  They are the Wilton Comfort Grip metal cookie cutters (Cushion-grip cutters with extra-deep stainless steel sides). And apparently Wilton has a following because some of the rare cutters that I have been searching high and low for run up to $250 a piece. That's right!  Don't you worry your little head about me.  I will not dare spend that much money on a cookie cutter.  I have one specific cutter that I have allowed myself a bit of a pricey limit with conditions only.  

It is the 3-tier cake and the conditions are as follows:
1) $50.00 maximum, and that is only if I cannot find any other cheaper listing for over a course of a year.
2) Attempt to bargain the price down
3) Keep my eyes open: ebay, rummage sales, antique stores, craigslist, friends

It all began with the darn snowflake two winters ago in 2010.  I will admit that I had received the butterfly  for my bridal shower but then moved to Texas and had it in storage for a few years so it didn't affect me. Well when I saw the snowflake during my time in Dallas I began to fill my creative inspirations come back and thought it would be okay to invest in one cutter to use ($3.50 approx).  This is when John and I were commuting and living in two different Texas cities so I had to rationalize, its not like we were in a home together.  Once the transaction was done I was fine.  That is until I moved to Austin to live with my husband in October 2011 and there was a bat cookie cutter that I missed out on for Halloween.  Well since I love bats and Austin is the city of bats and one of my favorite bakeries in my neighborhood was selling edible glitter cookie bats my heart started to race.  That is when I made my first purchase on ebay....for around $5.00.  And then the downward spiral began. 

It has been a rollercoaster of hot and cold.  Some months/weeks I am strapped in and not allowing myself to fall prey to the cookie cutters but then there are weeks were I can't stop visiting all of the craft/bake shops and constantly checking ebay..  I have learned to go into TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls to get any seasonal ones that I don't have.  With them pricing slightly cheaper it balances out my overpriced ones.  First of all, $3.50 is a lot for a cookie cutter when I could just go to Sur La Table and by all of them for 99cents each. I absolutely do not purchase online unless it is a cookie cutter that is discontinued or retired and no retail store sells it or it is out of season.   But here is the deal....I so dislike regular cookie cutters.  They hurt my hands and they are toooooo small.  I love oversized cookies.  I love to gift oversize cookies, I love presenting oversize cookies, and I love to eat one oversize cookie instead of overeating 5 tiny cookies.    Over the course of one year my cutter collection has gone from 4 (bat, pumpkin, butterfly, and snowflake) to 30.  I have also listed towards the bottom of the cookie cutters I am currently seeking and the price points I am finding.

I own these:
  1. Gingerbread Boy
  2. Christmas Tree
  3. Mitten (Just found!)
  4. Snowflake
  5. Santa Head
  6. Snowman Head
  7. Snowman (Just found! This one was stressful)
  8. Gingerbread House
  9. Candy Cane
  10. Flower
  11. Daisy (Just purchased)
  12. Teddy Bear
  13. Butterfly
  14. Star
  15. Bunny Face
  16. Bunny
  17. Chick
  18. Egg
  19. Lips
  20. Heart 
  21. Double Heart 
  22. Shamrock
  23. Flag (Retired & HTF)
  24. Pumpkin
  25. Oak Leaf (Retired & HTF)
  26. Maple Leaf
  27. Tombstone
  28. Skull
  29. Frankenstein
  30. Bat

Teddy Bear
Gingerbread Boy

Christmas Tree
Maple Leaf


Candy Cane

Bunny Face


I would love to acquire:
These are current prices I have found
- Round Christmas Ornament - $250.00
- Shaped Christmas Ornament - (unsure this may be an imposter company)
- Mickey Mouse head - $100.00  ***Desperately Desire
- Tulip - $40 to $100.00 ***Desperately Desire
- 3-Tier Cake -$200.00  ***Desperately Desire
- Scalloped Edge Square - $100  ***Desperately Desire
- Stocking - $55  ***Desperately Desire
- Angel - $50 to $100
-Witch's Hat - $10
-Seashell  -$140  ***Desperately Desire
-Santa's Hat - $25
-Diamond - $100




Round Christmas Ornament
Witch's Hat

Seashell from 1998

Mickey Mouse Head

Update 1/13/2013:
I got the 3-tier cake!  I am so excited.  We found a used one in nice condition on ebay and John got it for me for Christmas.  Very happy and I cannot wait to use it in 2013.  Someone have a birthday or a bridal shower so I can make cookies please!
~Angela O'

3-Tier Cake

Update 12/5/2013:
I got the penguin cookie cutter!
~Angela O'


  1. Update: I picked up the ghost this week!

  2. I have them ALL, and yes I paid way too much for some. Do you have the Bunny with the separate bunny tail yet?

    1. Let's see, I can't remember! I know that sounds terrible but everything is currently in boxes and I just haven't been able to do anything fun this past few months. I do remember seeing it in the store several times and at the beginning I'd go back and forth in my head about buying it. Well, if I didn't then it was a mistake! Thanks for the hit. Tell me about you?

  3. Hi Angela, I just came across your blog today. I have TWO complete sets and am working on a 3rd set (only need 9 more because thankfully I had spares of some retired ones that I was planning on selling someday). My eldest daughter and I started our collection when she was little. We made cookies all the time for holidays, potlucks, any occasion that fit the shape! We have an awesome Lofthouse type recipe that has sour cream in the batter and tons of baking powder so they're super soft and delicious. She's now in college and almost 21 and I completed her "future wedding present collection" when she as in high school and buy the new ones as they come out so hers and my collection stay complete. I also paid way too much for some of mine. The 3rd set I'm working on is for my 20 month old daughter's "future wedding present." Not sure if it'll be possible to complete her collection, but I'm going to try. I have lots of years to do it, lol. 7 of the 9 I need are discontinued and 2 are Easter ones that I'll pick up next Easter. I think I can do it with the exception of the Seashell and the Ornament. I got my two seashells from an ebay seller who was in Singapore over 6 years ago. They weren't outrageous (under $50/ea). The round ornaments were the hardest to get for me and were pricey. I got them both from the same US seller. She was super nice, but wouldn't share her secret of how she found such rare cutters still on their card. She said she'd be out of a job if she told me. I don't think I'll be able to get a seashell or round ornament for my youngest daughter. I have the pointy ornament and dinosaur, but they're from another company. They look exactly like the Wilton comfort grips and feel like them, so I love them. I have an extra pointy ornament if you're interested. I have a spreadsheet complete with photos and item #'s if you're interested in tracking your collection too. My husband made me a cookie cutter display board for Christmas this year so I can hang them up instead of storing them in boxes. We too have moved a few times in the last 6 years, so mine are in a box. I'm so excited to hang them up and start using them again with my toddler. I just got the crinkle square on ebay for $14.99, so prices are going down. Wilton keeps retiring so many of them, so the prices are going up on newly retired.

    1. Hi N Price! That is fabulous. What a great gift to treasure forever. Yes, ebay drives me a little nutty with the price gouging but since I am addicted to these cutters and these cutters only I am stuck. I have tried to keep my eye out at flea markets, garage sales, and antique shops but have not had much luck. I have found a few in local small mom & pop style bake shops but not much. I did get the crinkle square and was very happy about that. I think that they had multiple releases of the crinkle square. Lately, I've been disappointed hasn't released any new cutters for the seasons. I hope they get on that soon! And yes I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to use your spreadsheet to keep track of my cutters. That would be fabulous. You may email it to me at Thank you so much.

  4. Hi N & Angela, I am addicted to collecting these cookie cookies as well have been for about 10 years. I think I only need 6 or 7 to complete my set. I would also love a list of the cutters so I would know for sure. I would really appreciate it is you could email to me @ Also,Angela are you still looking for the ones on your I WOULD LOVE TO ACQUIRE list? I could keep and eye out for you.

  5. I thought I was the only person in the world crazy enough to pay these kinds of prices for cookie cutters! And I just saw that I missed a Wilton Seashell for :gulp: $3.00!!!!!!! Waaaahhhhh!!!!!!

  6. Update, I just scored the tulip for $24.98 on eBay, brand new on the card (that's how I prefer to buy mine). I now only need 3 for the THIRD set I've been working on for my youngest daughter. The hardest ones of course! Mickey Mouse, Seashell, Round Ornament. She may never get the last two. I found a knock off Mickey Mouse "sandwich cutter" that may have to do. It doesn't have a rubberized grip, it has a hard plastic one, but it is the same size. I'm also pregnant with twins, a boy (finally) and my 3rd girl. I told my husband, I am NOT going to start a 4th collection for my 3rd daughter. I'll probably just give her my collection when she gets married.