Saturday, December 22, 2012

Raspberry Chipotle Cream Cheese Appetizer

Thanks Internet b/c I haven't ran to the store yet and didn't want to deprive my followers of this recipe before their weekend holiday grocery trip!!!

I would like to point out that I absolutely hate raspberries, I despise them.  Many people say they are too sweet but I really don't have any idea if they are sweet or not, I just can't get past the flavor of them.  However when I tried this by accident the other day I fell in love because the chipotle gives the raspberry a smokey flavor.  Delicious.  Thanks Brittany for serving this at your birthday party.  It will go over excellently with this New Year's cocktails.


*One 8oz block of Philedelphia Cream Cheese
*One bottle of Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
*Keebler Club Crackers

Simply open the block of cream cheese and set onto plate.  Open bottle of sauce and pour over top.  Either lay crackers around on same plate or serve crackers on side plate. 

Heck you could even get fancy and sprinkle shaved almonds over the top.

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