Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Vintage Hostess Twinkies Recipe

I just found this recipe card in my recipe stash.  I must have obtained this when I was in high school as that was when I very first started my collection, during Interior Design class.  For all those out there who are holding on to their very last Hostess Twinkies here is a recipe for you.  Please enjoy your last bites.  I have never been one to like Hostess products but now that they are bankrupt I do hanker for a ding dong (frozen of course).  Guess I will have to eat a Frosty Delight from Aldi's, which we haven't had since high school!  Sticking with the theme!

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  1. Thanks -- haven't seen this recipe since I don't know when -- it does sound good -- maybe I'll try it for a Widows Gathering!!! Sure hope I can find some Twinkles!!!! Love - Nannie