Saturday, February 23, 2013

End of Era for Austin: Social Responsibilty

It is an end of the an area for Austin, Texas.  This is the last week that we will be able to freely obtain single-use plastic bags or paper bags from our grocery and retail shopping establishments.  As of March 1st the city has placed an ordinance against them being handed out.  There are many people who are mad about this and for reasons that I think are just from plain ignorance but the majority of Austinites are thrilled to abide by bringing their own bags.  Me?!  I am very relieved not to have to hassle with plastic bags anymore!  I hate having to carry those god-for-saken junky things that break before we get them in the house.  Granted we always have a double use for them since we own a pet.  But thank goodness we are being more responsible to the environment and more responsible to ourselves.  Why should it not be our duty that we bring our own bag to the store.  Other countries do it.  

Now to only get a Publix grocery store to Texas...

Well, at least we have the Whole Foods world headquartes here.... no other can compare to our beautiful downtown store.   Heck it is the best place in town to stop for lunch.


  1. So your answer to something you don't like or agree with is to ban it, taking away people's choice. Those bags are not "single use" as the 'Green' movement would lead people to believe. Sounds like Austin is in the grips of the Progressives. Shame, Texas once led in Individual Liberty. If the people didn't want them they would volutintarily bring their own bags. But that's not good enough for the Progressives. It's their way or the no way at all.

    btw, I could care less what "other countries" do. As Jefferson once said, "Comparing America to Europe is like comparing Heaven to Hell."

    ~Uncle Jeff

  2. My Dearest Angela -- I must agree with Uncle Jeff - Our government is too much in our faces now -- when did we lose our personal responsibilites -- soon my dear they will be "telling" us everything to live by! I remember when "we" the people took charge of our lives and had morals and respect for Our CREATOR -- we relied on the Bible for guidance -- yet - sadly no more -- we look to the government and those yoyos (who most have never held a private paying job nor gotten their hands dirty doing any kind of labor) -- sorry - I prefer to make my decisions and yes "most" of the time I take my cloth bags to Publix - if not - I use the "plastic" ones they send home with me for a number of purposes! Next it will be the trash can liners also made of plastics!!! I hated when they made it teh "law" about the seat belts -- that should be a personal choice - nope - now we're "fined" -- Papa always used a seat belt - me - before no - now I don't want the fine so I use it. But it should be my choice! It is common sense it would safe your life! Just like NY and the soda's - the Mayor outlawing the "bigger super size" --- look out all you younger generations - Big Brother is at your door step! As far as Europe - no Thank You -- beautiful places and wonderful history - but GOD has given us the USA our liberty and I would love for it to stay that way for generations to follow! (Most likely it won't happen and we will be enveloped in the One World Order ---- I'm praying I'll be dead by then!) I Love You and appreciate your candidance - I hope you appreciate mine! Love Always - nannie

    1. Also a very good comment. And extremely good points to make. I suppose that in my young age I saw this ordinance as step to make people who heavily rely on others think again. Of course this may not actually be the case but I have seen so many lazy people in my generation who think that everything should just be handed to them. And that is where I believe that the bag ban is a good thing. Now in regards to your comment about the government stepping in too much, you are right. There is a lot, but then where should the line be drawn in our society today because there are a lot of people who want decisions to be made for them instead of them taking the high-road? All very good points!!

  3. So my Dear -- you - you start with your generation - speak out - make your generation "step-up" and take responsibility --- it "must start somewhere - with someone" - you be that one - speak out! Call or write to the Austin papers - Council, etc... and tell them - get involved! People are getting lazy - too many things are being "handed out" - no accountibility - no working for their needs - the spoon is being filled and fed to too many people and they are loving it -------------- well what about the ones like yourself and LJ who are working - paying the taxes that the "government" is spooning to those sitting being fed!!! Sad - very sad --- my wonderful Mother had 8 children with very little help from any type of assistance -- yes, we received "bulk food at a warehouse once a month" when dad wasn't working - we knew that when we grew up we would work for what we needed or wanted - period! Capitalism does work if the government keeps its place - out of our lifes! Sorry - about the soap-box! Love ya - Nannie

  4. So more than six months later I have to revisit this blog. Can I just say I love carrying my cloth bags! And not only that I am actually quite glad the city of austin forced this decision. For all you lazy people out there who want to complain (those that I run into at the stores and want to make a big deal of it) get over it, no one is hurting you!