Sunday, March 10, 2013

You Don't Know Me

Don't you find it odd (and rude) when someone who you barely know or is maybe just your acquaintance through work or a organization thinks that they know every part of you well enough to make decisions your behalf.  It's funny how some people actually think they know everything but don't take the time to learn about the people that surround them.  Here are some of the silly  situations I have encountered.

1. When I was in college I served on the Student Senate.  We traveled to St. Louis for a retreat and chose to dine at The Old Spaghetti Factory.  One of my fellow executive board members brought up how delicious Olive Garden salad was as we were choosing our salads to order that evening.  Everyone was commenting and when it became my turn I said "I don't like Olive Garden salad".  The person who started the conversation responded, a bit too much aggressiveness "It's not the salad you don't like, it's just the dressing you don't like".  Hmmm, I'm sorry but actually I despise Olive Garden salad for multiple reasons and the dressing is only one of them.  LOL!!  Try that I don't like the type of lettuce used or the salad toppings such as the olives or the pepperoncini.  FYI, my favorite salad of chose is leafy romaine Caesar salad.

2.  I am a fast-paced person.  I was never content growing up in the rural Midwest I always wanted to travel and be on my feet.  As soon as I graduated college I moved to Florida, literally within two days of graduation.  Now I'm in Texas.  I've always dreamed of living in California, any part.  One day while at the office a co-worker in midst of a light conversation about my next move says to me "Have you ever been to California? ..., Oh you won't like it".  How odd, shouldn't you let each person experience their travels for themselves.  Lord knows I am not like that person so why would I experience things in same way as them?

3.  Same story as number two, only it happened a few weeks ago with someone I have only spoken with two or three times over a course of two years.  The topic of chose was me visiting London, England.  Hmmm....REALLY?

4.  Years ago while lunching with some of my coworkers (the best of my coworkers friends) we got into a deep conversation about our parenting experiences.  When I say "our parenting experiences", I mean how our parents raised us as kids not how we should raise kids.  I personally have several not-so-savory memories from my childhood which I was sharing with a coworker friend who had compared similar situations of their own (I also have many great memories for you critics out there).  The HR person decided to walk into the conversation and literally challenge what our "bad" parenting experiences were, pointing out very racy child topics saying that she really felt they weren't a problem.  Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however it was very flabbergasting to me as to how this person chose to comment after walking into the middle of the conversation without real understanding of what we were discussing and how it affected us personally but decidedly felt like they knew best for everyone.

The one question I leave you with is: What exactly does it mean when someone says to me, about me ..."That's not my thing?"  Really, then please tell me in your words what you think exactly is MY thing?


  1. I would not comment on any subject via that statement!