Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beach Boys in Concert ?!?!!

My very first beach boys concert t-shirt

Gosh it was this time last year that I got to see my favorite band of all time in concert.  From as early as I could remember the sound of music, I loved the Beach Boys with all of my heart.  Many times I should have been able to see them but by some chance it never was possible.  After I moved to Texas, I was sure I would never get to go to a live performance because they were getting old, I wasn't getting younger and well it was Texas...not the preferred coast of choice.  However, one night I got this sudden feeling that I needed to check their website to see if they might be putting on any summer beach performances nearby.  HAH!  They sure were!!  I flew out of bed to find my husband in the living room on the computer and blurted out that the Beach Boys were going to be in Houston in exactly two and a half days from then.  We were going to have to make a road trip!  We were approximately 4 hours from the Houston area, which included moderate traffic and we were going to have to drive back that same night.  We made it there successfully and even had some fresh Blue Bell ice cream on the way.  Somehow in a state that never rains it chose to rain that night but no one cared.  In our minds it was very sunny, very sandy, and very surf worthy.

Thanks to John who drove me the entire way and back with hardly any sleep

Stopping for Blue Bell at the factory in Brenham

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