Friday, June 14, 2013

Flashback to 1988? or is that 1987?

My Family....

New Salem, Illinois

First Row: Mother, Me, Aunt Shirley, Paw-Paw
Back Row: Gramma, Aunt Sheila, Aunt Peggy, Aunt Roberta

Yes we are wearing matching shirts and yes, that is a Happy Cat shirt back there.


  1. bob the one time he does not have bibs on lol

    ~Chuck Elston

  2. Nice picture! so many "girls" your grandDad must have been overwhelmed!! Love to see old family pictures --- and you look so "short"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!

  3. My mother commented today that she thinks this picture was taken in 1986. Making me only 3 years old.

    ~Angela O'