Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pie Challenge #1: Strawberry Pie

This summer I have challenged myself to become a Pie Connoisseur, like my Gramma.  Gramma has always made the best pies in the world.  It is because of my Gramma that I am so picky and hold food to very high standards.  She has magic hands and wrists that make everything so delicious.

One of my favorite past times is making pies with Gramma.  She always let me cut the edge of the pie dough and make cinnamon rolls with the excess dough.  A.K.A. rugelachs which we didn't know what they were until 25 years later!  However, the last time I must have made a pie with Gramma was while I was in high school, I cannot remember for sure.  In two months I will be 30 and yet have never made a pie on my own. So hence my challenge.  I want to be like Gramma! So I am going to make tons and tons of pies this summer.  Starting with my very favorite pie, a midwestern favorite: Strawberry Pie.

A true Strawberry Pie does not have odd things in it like pudding or cake, it is a real fruit pie.  No pre-made gels are added to it.  It uses only fresh, handmade piecrust not store-purchased crust.  And for all of the Texans out there we are going to set the record straight...the crap that HEB call's strawberry pie at Mother's Day is NOT Strawberry Pie!!

I made this yesterday on the Summer Solstice.  A perfect remembrance to all those Junes that Gramma, Paw-Paw, and I would sit eating Strawberry Pie at the kitchen table in Illinois.

Gramma got me my first rolling pin

Gramma always let me poke the holes in the pie dough.  My favorite task.

Getting ready to spread the cool whip

xoxo hugs and quiches,

~ Angela O'

A sneak peak at our pie dough cinnamon rolls


  1. That pie looks wonderful! I have never made a strawberry pie, but bought strawberries tonight to do just that. My pie won't be as good as yours, because I will take shortcuts just to get it done in a short amount of time. Some day...
    Aunt Shirley

    1. Oh Aunt Shirley, no reason to take shortcuts on the strawberry pie. I promise it is so easy. I couldn't believe how easy it was to make Gramma's pie crust. I mean it only took me a couple of minutes.
      ~Angela O'

  2. My grandma, mom, and I always make the pie dough cinnamon rolls with our excess crust! :-)

    ~Kristi Lynn