Monday, July 29, 2013

Don't Mix the Kisses with the $3 Chocolate Bar

This is for my fellow kitchen ladies and gentlemen.  The ones who stand by my side in their love for the kitchen and entertaining.  The ones who put all their heart and soul into something that they have created. The ones who have decided to make that extra special treat with a $3 chocolate bar.  Those who have molded and spun that $3 chocolate bar into a spectacular confection of mousse, gourmet cupcakes, or what have you.

And when you know it is complete. In your heart you know there is no extra action needed, no added fluff, no ridiculous decoration, and certainly no outsider walking up and adding cheap-ass Hershey Kisses to the top because THEY had a vision.

~hugs & quiches,
angela o'

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