Monday, July 29, 2013

Why Didn't I Become a Teacher?

Sometimes I think, "Why didn't I become a teacher?" 

Truth be told I only think this to myself and it's only about once or twice a year.  This is the first time I have ever uttered it allowed.  The two weeks that this thought gnaws at me the most are the beginning of June and its because teachers get a full summer vacation!  That is unless you opt to teach summer courses or tutor.  

But then, I remind myself I wanted to have more freedom of creativity and expression.

Is it a coincidence that congress has chosen to pass a bill to protect teachers who wish to celebrate holidays in school??

I certainly can't be the only individual who has the same pinging feeling followed by the exact same answer from time to time.

My favorite, absolutely favorite past time was crafts in elementary school.  I loved that St.Patrick's Day Potato Man with slinking construction paper legs, gold buckle and black top hat that we made in Mrs. Albracht's class.  My first grade best friend was Gina White and we definitely radiated our craft time together.   Building mailboxes every year during valentine's day week was a happy, consistent treat.  You might not like some of classmates who you had to give a valentine too but you sure did enjoy the fun day together passing treats and playing games.  No one was off-putting that day. (Well, unless your parent sent you to 4th grade with a leftover box of unopened valentine's that had Barbie & Ken...that was me!)

My dear friends, Whitney Reynolds and Allison Lemp I always think of you and all of the hard work you do.  I know there really is no "summer vacation" it is a constant job in your mind.  You too are very admirable.  Thank you.

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  1. Oh my. Only you could give me a total elementary school flash back at 4 in the morning. Jossalyn is starting kindergarten this yr & I can't wait to do fun crafty things with her for valentines day etc. She has definitely inherited her Grammy Janes artistic ability!! You'd be proud of her Ang. She loves anything to do with art/crafts & clothes!! Lol. (not sure how the hell that happen lol)

    Lacy Kimbro