Monday, August 5, 2013

Bank Deposits On-The-Go

In a hurry and hate sitting in the motor bank drive-thru?? Have these handy-dandy deposit slips made up ahead of time and they will save on your patience.   Store them in your vehicle console or glove box and they will be ready to grab before you pull up in the drive-thru.  

Need another reason??  The reality is that you never have enough of your bank pre-printed deposit slips in the back of your checkbook.  Usually there are three to five in the back of the check book.  Thirdly, you rarely carry your checkbook in the car or on your body.  So go for it and take or ask for a handful of deposit slips from the bank.  Grab your address labels and slap them on.  And please spare me the ridiculous worry about your physical home address being left in your car for thieves.  Your address is plastered on your insurance card which you are required to leave with your vehicle and in many states you are required to leave the registration in your vehicle. 

~Angela O'


  1. Or you can skip the bank all together if you just have checks and deposit them from your mobile phone with some banks!

    Honey Pisano

    1. Well I wish it were that easy with the "mobile deposit" that all the banks are marketing this summer. Unfortunately, they don't tell you that there is a limit on the amount you can deposit on your mobile phone for each check and per month. They won't let my checks be deposited via mobile, nor can I do direct deposit sooooo....this is what made me create this easy way to handle the annoyance of banks and waiting in line.