Saturday, September 28, 2013

Damn, Toilet Seat Cover!

It is true that one would say they have a love-hate relationship with toilet seat covers.  You are angry when you go into a retail establishment that does not provide them for their customer.  You are exasperated with establishments that have a container in the stall pretending that they do provide them are out. You are relieved when you can grab one, as you rush in trying not to pee your pants. BUT, then you RIP it!  Dang.  Grab another, trying to not to rip it again.  OH NO! Again.  Oh gosh, you are squeezing your legs now. Yikes! 

Well, ladies I am here to tell you there is a very specific way to get that cover out, un-ripped.  In fact, it is written right on the toilet seat cover cardboard boxes but 99% of the time the instruction is covered up by the holding equipment in the stall.  I have only seen it exposed two times.  EVER!  And this is how I learned not to rip my seat cover.  

Step 1:  Gently, Pull Up

Step 2:  Gently, Pull Down

The trick is to pull up till the crease is exposed, then pull down.  Gently, of course.

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