Sunday, September 15, 2013

"It's a High Tea" ~ Bridal Shower Game & Invites

"It's a High Tea"   
Bridal Shower Game & Invites

These game cards are very simple and make shower appear more elegant.  All you need is card stock, lace, a shaped stamp, a stamp pad, 2 colors of spray paint, hot glue and a base-object (our's are Victorian-Era Teapot, Traditional Teapot, and Teacup made from wood).  I was commissioned by one of my dear best friends early this summer to make 'game cards' for her twin sister's bridal shower.  It was a catered tea at the Fleur De Lys Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri.  Congratulations on your wedding Courtney!

Step 1:

Put down a plastic table-cover onto a flat surface, preferably outdoors.  Lay down the base-object that you will be using.  Spray paint the first color on one side of the object.  You may need to spray light and let dry, repeating for a few coats.

Step 2:

Over the dry base-objects, place a large piece of cut lace over the top. Holding down firmly, spray paint over the top of the lace.  Be careful not to blow the lace away with the spray can pressure or you will ruin your design.

Step 3:
Remove the lace before the paint dries.

Step 4:
Using pre-cut cardstock, position a piece of cut lace on top hot-gluing into place.  Then place the decorated base in the hot-glue puddle.

Step 5:
Stamp a pretty print beside the finished shape, slightly overlapping the lace.  Be sure to have a hard surface underneath or the stamped design will not be even.

Step 6:
Voila! Here you go.  Now if you are using as a game and wish to have them hidden from your guests, place them inside an envelope.  Depending on your guest number, select a few cards to have a special marking on the backside.  This could be a passive game for a door prize.  If your guest has picked a card with the special mark then they get a prize.

If you are using these as an invitation, write out the party information on the opposite side of the decorations.

Angela O'


  1. Seriously, these are beautiful cards!!!!! She puts a great deal of time into here work, and it shows. They were a big hit, and everyone wanted to keep their cards. Another outstanding job from our creative Angela.


  2. Wow -- how beautiful --- you are definitely talented!!! So creative - and we're related!!!!! Love ya - nannie