Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The 30 Brief

President LBJ's Airforce One
I admit it, for once I just got way too busy for my own blog and I apologize.  Usually I can at least load text and then schedule a post once I set up the pictures.  Not this time!  The last month of my twenties was very intense, but it was fun.  In July, I got my last set of wisdom teeth taken out.  Yikes!!  Of course, I was sedated because I cannot handle anything where my body is the subject under examination without major panic or passing out.  I was told that I was a phenomenon as I woke up repeatedly throughout the event, even after the dentist knocked me back out as safely and effectively as possible.  I have the best dentist/dental surgeon in the world and I know they administered as much knockout drug as they legally could.  My body just decides to go through weird phases sometimes!

A week later, we headed to the Plain White T's concert at The Belmont.  I was quite pleased to see them but not sure I should have been allowed to play with my phone on the day of my dental surgery.  I somehow purchased concert tickets, enrolled in swim classes for 3 months, and held multiple phone conversations with random people.  Then I convinced John to take me to Target to do shopping less than 12 hours after my surgery.  The next day....I didn't really remember all of that.  Whoops!

John and I took a weekend trip to Fredericksburg.  Oh, to celebrate my German heritage.  Two absolutely favorite parts of the trip.  1. Grape Creek Winery, we were given a private tour.  2.  The Texas White House, home of former President Lyndon B. and Lady Bird Johnson.

Tapping the Barrel

These grapes are absolutely delicious right off the vine

Then it was time to celebrate my birthday!  I headed to Florida to visit my closest friends and family.  It was a wonderful time and I am so thankful for the time spent with my favorite girls Rhonda, Aria, Allison, and Nannie.  We enjoyed ourselves with bit of a mustache party, touring Hogwarts at Universal Studios, sunning at Cocoa Beach, and eating delicious cupcakes made by Hollis Wilder the Cupcake Wars Trifecta champion. After a gorgeous week in Florida I came home to breakfast in bed and a delicious candlelight dinner made by my husband, then a fantastic party with my Austin friends.

My buddies and a very happy staff member

The 30 Brief:  One, first and foremost:  NO Children before 30!!  I live by this philosophy.  And the majority of people I know agree, including medical professionals.  Nobody in today's society should be having children before 30.  We are way to young mentally, physically, and socially for this. It is a different world than it used to be. Until 30, we are still children and we need to figure out our own lives and enjoy it so that when children come we can commit all of our love and knowledge to them. Now of course, I think it is absolutely rude and completely insensitive when individuals inquire about child-bearing to a couple, including family members.  However, I had to share such great 30 news that I couldn't withhold.  Secondly, John and I are finally passport holders!  Woohoo!!  Third, we made our very first and second big household purchases. A brand new bed mattress and a complete refurbishment of our linen closet with a new towels.  It feels great!  Now to work on project number three and four for the home.  New dishware and new drink-ware.  Must be plain white dishware and must be tastefully clear drink-ware   Must be universal so that we can easily replace when one piece is broken or when we need to grow our set.  No junk, I hate hording and random shit.  It drives me up a wall.  I hate little knick-knacky things and anything that does not belong in it's place.  Goodbye CRAP!

hugs & quiches,
~Angela O'

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