Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Lance McInnes, Angela O' & Jack Fennel
I do love Boomerang's.  It is especially good on a cold or rainy day.  The food is so comforting and delicious and there is just something about that little basement building that is slightly underground.  It kind of reminds me of Ghostwriter, the old PBS show from the nineties.  Boomerang's is very well known for their Steak & Potato pie a.k.a. Stout Pie that is made with Guinness beer.  It is great.  That darn crust is so flaky that you don't regret eating it one-handed, even when driving down the street.  Every time I stop in there I find a UPS truck stopped and loading up on pie fuel.  

Lucky Me!  One day while shopping at my favorite Whole Foods and I happened to run into Jack and Lance.  The 'Pie Guys'.  Jack & Lance, the Boomerang's Founders.  Thank you for making Austin a better and more rounded place.  Literally.

Chalkboard Sign right outside the store

The best mashed potatoes.  You should try a Pie Floater.

Lance McInnes, Angela O' & Jack Fennel at my favorite downtown Whole Foods

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  1. Sound delicious....next time at Whole Foods will be looking for them.