Sunday, November 24, 2013

Aunt Peggy's Girls Just Want to Have Fun

At the beginning of November something terrible happened and since that time I have taken a break from my blog.  My dearest Aunt Peggy was taken from us very unexpectedly.  We were not prepared to let her go.  She was only 47 years old and from what the world knew, healthy.  I am thankful that she went painless in her sleep.  Aunt Peggy was one of my biggest blog supporters and before I can continue to post blogs I want to post something in honor of her.

Please pretend that Cyndi Lauper is singing "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" in the background.

Before I go on, it is necessary that I share the importance of cardio health.  There have been many unfortunate instances that babies to elderly have been taken from us do to heart attacks, blocked arteries, strokes, etc, etc.  No matter your age, but especially if you are 27 years old and up it is time to start taking measures be in good heart health.  I'm not going to give you the speech about limit your butter (cholesterol) or only eat salads with steamed fish because you know I don't believe in that.  I am a cream and butter girl, but it must be from scratch and not from the box.  What I have to say about cardio health is that you need to have regular doctor check ups regarding any blockages that can come up and randomly cause a stroke or heart attack.  You need to practice cardio excercises for the fun and joyment of your life.  Now is the time to start running (for me) if one has been saying repeatedly over time that they want to work on that project (that is so me :-| ).  

I'm done. No more technical stuff.  Time to enjoy our moments together and to find a way to now share with Aunt Peggy the moments we planned to have together but did not yet get to.

I would love for you to share your comments about Peggy Portwood on this blog.  Please remember to sign your name with your comment.  She deserves it!

Aunt Peggy taught me about:

~MTV (That's right, she was 1980's loving)
~Purple nail polish
~Blue nail polish
~Black nail polish
~That it was okay to only paint the big toe with a fun nail polish shade
~Nintendo and Mario, Princess, and Yoshi
~Domino's Pizza along with Aunt Shirley in the 1980's
~Shopping trips to the mall along with Aunt Shirley in the 1980's
~Caviar (but she wouldn't tell me what it was! Just "something salty")

Aunt Peggy and I have in common:

~We were young and fun and just darn cool
~Our favorite color is purple (she had two favorites: Purple & Green; I'm not going to lie, I'm partial)
~We both liked Care Bears
~Our ink pen priority was and is always purple
~We both liked the Domino's Philly Steak & Cheese Pizza (tho she like the green peppers more than me)

Things I had planned to share with Aunt Peggy but did not get the chance too:

~Casino El Camino (bar with the best burgers on 6th Street in Austin, TX)
~Alamo Drafthouse (An Austin Original)
~Tubing on Canyon Lake (We talked about this a lot)
~2013 Christmas card "Duck Dynasty O'Mahony Style"
~Our portraits from September 2013 (It wasn't about showing off the pic, it was just about being able to share it with her)
~Co-hosting a RAVE (invite only! For u weirdos out there) in her private bar and basement.
~Homemade crepes
~The Highball in Austin, TX
~P.Terry's burger stand (Another Austin Original)
~Vert's (In good Ole Austin!)

~Aunt Peggy got my ears pierced as an early birthday present when I was 7 years old.  Mother was NOT there!  I'll always be thankful for my first set of holes in my ears.
~I puked in front of Michael's craft store when I was maybe 9? years old and embarrassed the crap out of her.
~Peggy tried a shot of pure aloe vera juice just for me last November.  Yuck! She has been the only brave soul since that day to try it for me.

~She was the biggest supporter of my education.  She went to ALL of my graduations. Both college graduations, which others did not 'bother' with.  She even drove me to my first college to make sure that I was comfortable with the area and so that I could pick up my first semester books.
~ She was a huge supporter for my anonymous writings.
~ She was the best supporter of my blog, With Angela O'

Aunt Peggy Liked:
~1980's music
~Animals and the proper care for them

Aunt Peggy's Personal Enjoyments Included:
~Being in a pool league
~Visiting the animal shelter regularly.  She would take the animals fans in the summer and blankets in the winter.

At work Aunt Peggy was:
~ Reliable
~Was known for smiling at at everybody
~She made everyone feel good

At School
~Former Illinois Judge John Coady was one of Aunt Peggy's college instructors.  I heard that he said she was a great student and that he wished more students were like Peggy.
~She had 2 more classes to complete after this fall.  Then she planned to graduate with her associates.

Thoughts at Random
~She got me my first trapper keeper!  I think I was 8 years old. 
~She got me my Velcro catch ball  game in pink and green.

Her favorite car

Aunt Peggy and Angela at the zoo in 1986

Enjoying time with her favorite band, Theory of a Dead Man

Aunt Peggy, Angela O', Aunt Shirley

Aunt Peggy and Angela O'

Enjoying herself at Anhueser-Busch, November 9th 2012

Over time I will add more pictures as I find them.  Please check back.

~ With Angela O'


  1. So sad she was taken so young, she looked so full of life. I'm sure she is smiling down on you though, this was such a sweet and kind blog post to share her life with others who never got the chance to know her.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to Peggy! She loved you very much. She was full of life and loved people and animals. She will be missed by all who knew her. :)

  3. Can't imagine life without Peggy, therefore she will be in my heart and mind forever. I'm thinking back and looking at myself today, thinking maybe I have become a back seat driver in the car of life. Letting precious time pass without doing much out of the ordinary. Peggy was a "hands on" living life fully kinda girl. She left us with so many wonderful memories and lessons too. I love and miss you Peggy. Shirley