Sunday, November 24, 2013

Oh You Would Be Surprised That These Get Overlooked

The holidays are upon us!  Here are a few things that you would be surprised that get overlooked from hosts and hostesses.  It happens.  I've done the research and here are some of the situations.  Don't get caught for one of them this holiday season.

  • If you are offering bottled water then either have them in the fridge or offer ice as well.  Don't act like it is a burden when someone asks for a way to make their water cold.
  • If you are offering a beer with a glass, then make sure the glasses in your cabinet are clean.
  • Clean up that nasty facial hair and any other hair from the sink where other people have to get close enough to wash there hands. UGH! BARF!
  • Put out a hand drying towel.  Nothing is worse than being the guest who can't decide what to dry their hands on.  No one wants to get stuck using someone else's bath towel.  ICK!
Has anyone else had any experiences that they would like to share??

~ With Angela O'

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