Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weddings and Funerals, Both I Did Not Understand

Hmmm, today it dawned on me.  For the very first time.  I am not sure that many people could say this or even choose to say they did one of these.  Well, I've done both, actually three.

In 2008, I attended a funeral in a Muslim mosque.  I was not in any special dress but those who practiced Muslim (99.7% of everyone there) as their religion and culture did.  I got to experience the premade lined textiles that were manufacturered into carpets for prayer and the walking the casket around the building multiple times, I think it was 5.  And something that is extremely rare in the United States, I got to experience going to a funeral the same afternoon as the morning the man passed away.  Because of the religion, the services were excused of certain mandatory practices that have to be performed in the United States typically causing the day of passing to be several days apart from the service.

In, 2012 I went to a wedding.  Well, I should first start by saying I was invited to the wedding by formal invitation.  That's right, an absolutely beautiful invitation sealed by cellophane and tied by ribbon.  I opened the invitation to see only a different language.  So that was that.  The last Saturday of December 2012 I sat through a catholic wedding ceremony that was spoken in an entirely different language!

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