Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lysol Stinks Unless...

... it is the ORIGINAL scent.  Yup the original, no fluff, flower or fuss most basic scent.  The yellow can.  For years I have been frustrated when I shop for Lysol because the stores only offer me disgusting stinky versions that I cannot stand.  Crisp Linen, Spring Waterfall and Summer Breeze are just a few of the new-age scents that cut my air off.  

Well, the day has come when we can get back to the basics.  The only store that carries the Lysol Original scent on a daily basis is .... HOME DEPOT!  Woo Woo!  Yes.  The Lysol Original scent is considered part of the "professional" series in this modern day and that is why it is carried at the awesome depot.   It is approximately $4.75 to $5.00 for a 19 ounce can.

So for all of you that have a very sensitive nose...the problem has been solved.  Now I can actually enjoy the air I have sprayed.  Ahhhh

With Angela O'

photo credit:  www.homedepot.com

Unfortunately, there are times when you need it right away and there is no trusty home depot around.  I get it, I've been there.  Here is a quick link you can use to order it through my affiliate program.  Using this link will give a portion of these proceeds to support my blog.

Lysol Professional Disinfectant Spray, Original Scent, 19 Ounce

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  1. If that bothers your nose, then don't buy Kaboom scrub for your bathtub...we learned that the hard way