Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beat Neck Tension Out with a Snake

Yes, I am talking about neck tension.  And YES, I am talking about a real snake.  My preemptive thoughts before handling the snake was that it was going to be slithery, slimy and just freaking weird.  But this was my initial reaction when the Ball Python was put on my neck...."Ahhh it feels so good, the weight is massaging the tension out of my neck".  There you have it.  A new business venture.  I was actually very sad to see it go.  Excedrin Tension Headache I guess I will have to keep you since I am not able to keep my slithering friend.

~ Angela O'


  1. Glad you didn't bring one of those to store

    ~Mary Shires

  2. Yuckkkkk

    ~Sharlyn Threadgill

  3. You are crazy lol i would not have it on me but then again i could.

    ~Heidi Altevogt

  4. You are more than welcome to come over and hold Cleo whenever you wish.

    ~Melissa Soest