Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hot Issues, Smug Thoughts, Dirty Lies and Little Secrets!

Hey everyone,

2014 is a year that I really want to open up my blog for more discussion.  From day one, before ever publishing my blog I wanted to be able to communicate hot, trivial, and/or touchy subjects.   Just random subjects, even the ones awarded with the dumbfounded question "what the heck do we do now?"  Issues that are very common in our modern day society but may or may not have been so different from past generations. 

My blog will permanently remain a mix of fun and light-hearted because fun is truly me.  I love creating and sharing, finding new opportunities and amazing places to visit.  However, I don't want to be all fluff.  I'm an all-around American gal and must remember that I've wanted to be a little freelance journalist, an observer, and a hot topic discussion starter when I was a kid.  I've always enjoyed asking "why?" and wanting to know all the options and opinions.

 And quite frankly the TRUTH IS:  You know you are more interested in reading the really dirty, rough and tough subjects.  You've been caught on the poll reader results! You prefer to read articles with a more racy subject heading.  

So this is where I ask your help.  I have about 60 pre-outlined, unpublished topics that started in 2012 at the blog birthplace.  But I want to hear more topics from you.  What are issues or hot topics that grinds your gears??  Give me your opinion on that topic too.  You may privately message me or email me if you don't want your name posted with the topic you submit.  If you submit a comment on the blog directly as "idea submission only" rather than blog comment then I'll know to monitor it before it gets posted.  Just please note that in your comment.

~ With Angela O'


  1. GMO's..... Would love to see you dig into the GMO world like I have been. It is an ugly ugly world and people need to know what our food has in it

  2. You know me, I like nutrition/health/wellness info. GMO and Monsanto's mutant plants are a very hot topic...