Saturday, April 12, 2014

Poteet Strawberry Festival

So Poteet is a little dirtier than I imagined.  I forgot that I was going to a Texas fair and not an Illinois or Florida Strawberry Festival.  But it is not a bad dirty, not in the since of nasty just soil dirty.  Like dirt everywhere!  Of course at a Texas festival there must be a rodeo and not just the strawberries.  John and I even learned how to clog and performed with the San Antonio Fire on the Mountain Cloggers on stage.  It was quite an experience.

The crummiest part of the day:  I was denied entry into the strawberry eating contest because I'm an adult.  Blah. Oh yeah and the rain but we survived.  

Happy to be able to check the Poteet Strawberry Festival off of our 'Texas To Do' list.

Enjoying that Strawberry Wine

I'm quite proud of this photo moment that has been captured!

With Angela O'

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