Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kick the Bore out of Fundraising

Try adding some creative flair to boring old fundraising.  Here are a few loose change buckets that I created for Coin Campaigns.  The painter style bucket with the bright ribbons and flowers was created Spring of 2013 and the jars with rhinestones were created Spring 2012 using empty OJ bottles, sequins and rhinestones.  Now we have a reason to keep the awesome looking Simply Orange bottles when they are empty without earning the title of hoarder.  Problem Solved.  Since I introduced these awesome jars into our community some of the local fundraising groups have now picked up their gamem I never see boring coffee cans at the cashier's counter anymore.

The group that is fundraising in these photos is Team MorGame for JDRF.  JDRF is a national organization that seeks the cure for Type 1 diabetes.  

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