Thursday, June 26, 2014

Topics of Disgust: Neosporin Usage

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On several occasions I have come face to face with someone who thinks that it is okay to treat a wound by directly squeezing ointment from the tube onto the bloody, puss-ey, or whatever germy area that has been affected.  DISGUST.  I shutter and completely freak out whenever I see this.  I honestly cannot understand why this happens or why someone thinks it's okay for it to happen.  An excuse that has surfaced several times (pardon the pun) is that the tube doesn't actually touch the wound surface so it should be okay.  Hmmmm, well the ointment that is connected to the tube (and the remaining unused ointment) is being touched and not all of the ointment comes off on your nasty surface.  Hence, it either goes back in the tube or slimes up the cap.  

Please for the love of all humans, next time apply the Neosporin to the bandage first and then put the bandage on your wound.  Or if that freaks you out...use a freshly-cleaned finger or a glove.  Do not contaminate the Neosporin tube!

I cannot express to you how angry this makes me feel whenever I see it happen.  It will make me throw away your $5.00 tube of Neosporin each time I see you do it.  I'm already cursing in my mind just thinking about someone doing it.  WTF!

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  1. People actually do that? lol

    ~Kathy Abrams fb06262014

    1. All the freaking time. My husband is one. I had a friend who is a school teacher for elementary who I caught doing it. So many drives me insane!

    2. wow lol

      ~Kathy Abrams fb062614