Monday, December 22, 2014

Pajama Secrets

Do you love those very adorable and flashy pajamas from Victoria Secret?  I sure do.  But I always have two problems when going for them.  

1.  Sizing in sets is always a problem.
2.  The expense adds up quick, leaving you to only purchase one pair. 

Well I've got the solution for you.  Shop the Victoria's Secret outlet and get the pajamas you want for around $12.99 per piece.  Since it is per piece you are able to choose the size of each item you want to wear.  No more baggy tops to fit your too slender bottoms!  

A full price set at the retail store will run you about $50.00 so by utilizing the outlet you gain two assets.  Perfect sizing and a 50% discount!  What a score!

My favorite outlet is in Orlando, Florida on International Drive.  I do venture to the San Marcos, Texas outlet every now and then.  But if you stock up on PJ's in one visit you are probably set for awhile.

~Angela O'

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