Sunday, February 22, 2015

Angela Angela Angela

When I was a kid it was very rare to find someone to share my name.  There was a girl in the grade ahead of me but no one else in a near grade to my knowledge.  As a kid, if you shared a name it was one of the "cool" things.  There were a ton of Amanda's, a bazillion Jenny's (all spelled differently of course) and a few Megan's (again spelled differently) and mostly all the male names were a repeat. Haha, girls always have to be unique right.  So as a kid I was sad there were so few to share with that commonality.  Holy Crap move to Austin! It seems that all Angela's have and I think it is rather cool.  The office manager at my dentist's office is an Angela, the nurse at my doctor's office is an Angela, my friend and vintage jewelry dealer is an Angela, and the lady who serves me my burger at P.Terry's down the road is an Angela.  Oh and well, I met a sweet lady at a friend's Thanksgiving dinner this past year named Angela.  I am so loving it.  There is certainly a special bond amongst us.

Unfortunately, the pretty red-headed girl I knew as a kid named Angela past away a few years ago from cancer.   This was very sad to hear as this Angela was a very sweet person.  As an adolescent she was active in our community and despite whatever social status you might be she was nice to everyone. I was so glad she could be in our not-so-secret but member's-only Angela club.

~ Angela O'

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