Monday, April 20, 2015

Better than a Pedi

This spring my feet are going to be better than ready for those pretty little Michael Kors flip flops.  I personally do not like getting pedicures because they are uncomfortable.  I love having cuticle work done to hide any yuckiness but I cannot have my nails shaped by a technician because I'll be in pain for two weeks following the pedicure.  In addition, I have eczema so submerging my feet into a tub of hot water for more than a minute is quite tortuous.  Those of you who are plagued by eczema hear my sorrows.  

So when a friend told me about a product that her spa was featuring I was quite skeptical.  I was even more hesitant because I was sitting in that dang tub of hot water while she was pedicuring my feet for that annual-must-have-my-feet-done-once job.  Obviously, I was smiling through gritted teeth as she explained the product.  With my skin being super sensitive and having eczema as the sour cherry on top, I have learned through many years of trial and error that products with fragrances, chemicals, and even "great for you botanicals" and the most natural forms of "good" are usually a bad, very BAD idea.  Trust me, I'll break even out with non-comedogenic products and sensitive shave products tend to ignite my skin.

Listen, I figured I'd give it a try.  She was sweet enough to make my one pedicure at this lush, highly sought after and frequented by celebrities Austin spa a birthday gift to me.  So why couldn't I humor her and give it a whirl.  Well, I am glad I did because now I never have to have another pedicure!  


Baby Foot

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Baby Foot is an exfoliant foot peel.  Never heard of it? Think of facial peel for your feet.  The first best benefit about Baby Foot is that you can apply the foot peel at home in one hour.  A box of Baby Foot includes one application of two gel holding booties.  Go home one night and apply the booties to your feet, put socks on over the booties to hold them nice and taught and then turn on the television and watch an episode of Mad Men or Sex and the City.  The second best benefit is that it works in through layers of dead skin to where a pedicure technician could never explore.  Seriously.

So how does it work exactly?  Baby Foot is made to naturally exfoliate the dead skin cells off of your feet.  When you remove the booties you will need to thoroughly wash off the gel and then let your feet dry.  Over the following 5 to 7 days you will fill a drying effect on the foot skin which is completely non-bothersome unless you have a foot patch of eczema which you can easily remedy by applying moisturizer to the patch.  Around the fifth to seventh day, you will notice your skin starting to peel around your feet and ankles.  This process may take up to two weeks.  My suggestion from personal experience is that you should continue with your daily showers and use a wash cloth to lightly rub and help remove the already loosened dead skin during that daily shower.  Don't use excessive force or pick unnecessarily at the skin but the wet wash cloth will help to remove the loose dead layers.    

Word of Advice:  During these two weeks you do not want to be wearing sandals, open-toe or open-back shoes of any kind.  Why would you want anyone to see that nasty mess you have been harboring for so long?  

The photos that I would never dare to share.  Only for your benefit of understanding the product are you allowed to view these scary candid shots.  Ahhh!!  I had no idea there was so much dead skin.  The loose skin was not visible prior to baby foot but all the nasty cracks were!!  You can see the baby soft new skin with zero cracks underneath.  Today my feet are gorgeous and yours can be too!  

For purchase, please click on my referral link below so that a portion of these proceeds supports my blog.  

Angela O'

Horribly Up Close and Personal :
dead skin layers removing from feet and leave baby soft skin

dead skin layers removing from feet and leave baby soft skin

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  1. OK -- that looks good - so I went to Amazon and ordered it!!!! It best be able to work on these old feet!!!!!!!! Love to you -- Nannie