Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How to Delete Individual and Multiple Photos & Videos in Flickr

This is strictly an informational post for all of those consumers who have to dealt with Flickr.  Those of you who do use Flickr know that it is a horrible photo storage option.  Despite all of the postives that various blogs and news articles will post regarding the pros and cons of each photo storage community they seem to fail at knowing actual negative user details for Flickr.  These are negatives that paid accounts experience.   Example:  Flickr does not want you to download your own (owned by you) photos all at once.  Therefore, they make you download them one by one.  That sucks for someone who has 20,000 photos out there.  Luckily, someone created an app for that.  Another issue is that Flickr wants to make it very impossible for you to delete all your photos in your account in one motion.  Most likely because they want to have access to your photos if your account is ever terminated due to lack of payment or whatever the case may be.  I understand that companies will make fail safe ways in order for an individual not to accidentally delete their photos but we are talking about intentionally deleting all photos.  Summed up, there is a reason as to why there are so many forums online regarding consumers trying to help one another through their Flickr problems.
Today I am sharing with you how to delete ALL of your photos on Flickr if you ever feel the need.  It took me a couple days to find this forum that had an old response from a Flickr representative.  I apologize as I have no idea which site I actually found this one but I had it pasted in one of my emails. Now I present it to you.

Delete photos or videos in Flickr

It's easy to delete photos and videos from your Flickr account.

Are you sure? Back up your media because deleted content can't be restored.

Delete individual photos or videos

  1. Click on any photo or video.
  2. Click the Edit icon pencil in square | select Delete.
  3. Click Delete to confirm.

Delete multiple photos or videos at once

  1. Mouse over You, then select Organize.
  2. Drag and drop content to the batch area.
  3. Click Edit photos | Delete.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. Click YES, GO AHEAD, then click it again to confirm.
  6. Click Thanks!

**Current as of 12.27.2014**

Thank goodness I am free of Flickr for good!

~ Angela O'

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