Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Healing Power of Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs

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The majority of Americans rely on convenient processed food off the shelf and/or constantly eat at food chains where everything is mass produced.  Those food habits alone act as a drug and do not allow the brain or stomach to comprehend how bad the processed and mass produced food products really are until the individual finds they have an ailment.

The society norm today for sickness is to instantly run to a medical facility and take a drug that has been chemically compounded.  In some cases, using a drug or going for more advanced medical help is the answer (such as a broken limb, etc, etc) but in most cases it is not the correct solution.  Humans today have really lost touch with themselves and their connection to mother nature.  It is a serious problem when you turn on the radio, tv, or flip a magazine page to hear the continuous commercials for depressional drugs. So many humans today suffer from depression and many cannot get down to the deep root of the problem or they don't have the support try natural remedies before permanently getting onto a chemical substance.

I personally had always been intimidated by going to natural drugs because it was all just so overwhelming.  Some of the herbal names alone scared me away as I thought that they were something only to be used in a witch's cauldron.  Hah! But the truth is I bet most of you have had similar thoughts.  Long story short, I pretty much just stayed away unless I had a specific ailment which required immediate treatment.  Not the way to do it.  Really, you need to get an idea what is going on in your body and take your daily doses of preventative measures to nip it in the butt.  Not wait until you are in dire need of care.  It's the whole "Yogurt Effect" that I have coined.  You know all the ridiculous commercials about probiotic yogurts such as Activia???  Well, that is a great marketing scheme.  If you were to just eat a qualified yogurt every day then you would already be giving yourself a healthy daily dose of probiotics.  The activia types of yogurt are marketed for the cluster of individuals who wait until there is a problem to start taking care of their body.  Now this is not to be negative to the Activia yogurt as there are some great benefits to it versus competing yogurts,  it is simply just to give you a broad idea of the let's-wait-to-help-ourselves-until-we-are-sick-syndrome.

The time came where I needed to make my annual trip to the library to renew my library card.  I'd been happily spoiled by audiobooks delivered to my iPhone so never needed to look at physical books on the shelves but decided to make the most of my trip by browsing through numerous aisles.  One book that caught my eye was The Healing Power of Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs because of the great bold and simple title!  No fuss, it stood out.  So I grabbed it along with five other books and took it home for three weeks.  Once I began to flip through it I couldn't stop.  I realized this book was exactly the introduction into the natural world I'd been seeking.  The book, highly informative is broken into two sections, the first by ailment and the second by the nutritional supplement.  I could chose to look up Magnesium and see the benefits, what it should or should not be taken with, how it should be taken, etc.  Or I could look up eczema and see the suggestions for caring for and reducing a flare up.  Oh it was great.  I just knew I had to buy this book for myself.  Since that day I still refer back to the book regularly and loan it out to my friends.  I'll admit that some evenings I lose myself in the book because it is so interesting.  Use the link below to order this book from Amazon and proceeds will go to this blog.

Skeptic that natural remedies work?  From my own research I learned and diagnosed myself with a magnesium deficiency.  I added a magnesium softgel in my daily routine (and attempted to increase my magnesium-rich foods) and have found that many of the symptoms that I had suffered during that low period have been resolved.

Treat Yourself and Check Your Health, 

With Angela O'


  1. I take vitamins - daily and had my children do so when they were young --- and urged them since they "left" home to continue the practice - even if it's just one "multi-vitamin" a day!!! So glad to hear about your health issues being on the mend!!!! Been praying for you!!! Love ya - Nannie --

  2. I also believe in taking vitamins.
    Aunt Shirley