Monday, May 23, 2016

Get Rid of Fruit Flies the Classy Way

I've been doing this now for a couple years and realized I never shared this saavy tip.  I'd been plagued with fruit flies during the spring months in Austin and didn't know how to rid them.  Never had I experienced them before moving to Austin.  I'd read many stories about how fruit flies live in sinks, etc but never really cared as my only concern get rid of them.  A friend of mine told me that all I needed was to put apple cider vinegar in a bowl and cover it with aluminum foil poking holes through the top.  Well, the idea sounded good but because I a was a bit of a perfectionist and didn't like the idea of having a random bowl with icky aluminum foil sitting on my counter all the time.  So I went home and put together a plan of attack.  A couple of days later I had set up permanent fruit fly traps in my home.  Voila!

These classy little fruit fly traps make quite cute gifts during the spring and summer months, just gift them in pairs.  I set them up and leave them for an extended period of time but don't forget to check and refresh them regularly.

Materials Needed:

  • Glass Mason Jars, 4 oz preferred
  • Mason Jar Lids and Rings
  • One nail, 1/4 inch width is good
  • Hammer
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

follow the pictures and enjoy the captions

Collect your supplies

Hold the nail steady above the jar sealed tightly with lid

Hammer the nail in to make a full hole and pull the nail out

Just like this!

Keep it up until you have a sufficient amount of holes

It should look like this

Pour in the apple cider vinegar to about half full; don't fill up!

Like this!

Look at those nasty buggers!

Rust will happen on the inside.  That's okay.

Purchase the 4 ounce mason jars and apple cider vinegar here!

~With Angela O'

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