Sunday, November 13, 2016

Did You Know? Frankincense for Stings

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Frankincense is the oil that should kept in your first aid kit!  It is the only thing known to relieve scorpion stings and is also an immediate relief for wasp stings.  Western medicine does not teach about essential oil use and most doctor trips for scorpion stings will end up with the medical professional google searching 'scorpion sting relief' in front of you in the exam room {personal experience}.  I believe there is a place for both western medicine and for natural medicine and that they should be combined to live life in a safe and meaningful way.  Quickly said...if you need to go to a doctor or hospital, then GO!

Scorpions are a regular sight in my Texas home and have been through all my Texas moves.  My husband has been stung in the neck while sitting on the coach eating lunch (going for the jugular!) and I have had a scorpion scratch my neck in bed while it was tumbling down from the ceiling to my blankets.  Yuck! I know.  In Texas, that nastiness is normal so as you can see my experience can be vouched for.  This past August, I was outdoors sitting quietly in our drive hand painting large sandwich board signs when a wasp decided that it was completely okay to sit down on my ear and lay his stinger down without my permission.  Thank goodness I was sipping wine as the initial shock could have been way worse.  Oh and thank goodness my friend Jennifer was helping paint as she provided moral support and the "oh-crap" crazy eye warning.  Naturally, I took some benadryl as I tend to always break out in hives the second anything stings me but the pain was horrendous and would not lift.  That's when I remembered the great Frankincense hiding away in my bathroom medicine cabinet.  Oh the relief was instantaneous.   Throughout the following 24 hours I dabbed straight frankincense oil directly on the sting sight for continuous relief.

Some individuals may choose to dilute the substance with coconut oil when using essential oil on a young child as not to give too strong of a dose for a little body.  It is always good to do your research and ask for assistance from a qualified adviser.  Just remember, coconut oil is a great substance for itch relief as well but frankincense is the only thing that will relieve the pain of a sting.  Makes you think back to the gifts the Three Wise Men brought to Bethlehem.  😉

photo credit: google images

Now let's get to the nitty gritty.  Keeping a good frankincense in the house can be costly...upwards of $100.  I do believe in a good pure essential oil company like doTERRA who can back the quality of their products up.  To connect with a great doTerra essential oil rep, visit my friend Brandi's website at  I also understand that not all families can afford to stock a hundred dollar first aid item in their cabinets.  In this case, I would recommend picking up a $10 bottle of NOW brand frankincense at your local grocer.  This will get the job done well enough if the affordability is an prime concern for you.

Take Care Y'all!

xoxo, Angela O'


  1. Question? I have read before about Frankincense taking pain away from stings. We are beekeepers and hubby gets stung several times a year. I have many doTerra oils in my medicine cabinet by not Frankincense. Guess what I am ordering tomorrow! LOL My question is, does it also relieve the swelling as well as the pain? Hubby swells up after a sting most times. :)

    1. Hi Beemergranny, You have a great question! I did have swelling for my most recent sting but because I am naturally a wreck when it comes to stings I automatically took benadryl (for hives and such). So I cannot actually remember how the reduction of swelling was and if it had changed due to which medicine used. I do remember that swelling did not stay with me for more than a day. Thanks!