Love Gathers for a Letter Writing Party

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My love of gathering and keeping family and friends connected was bestowed on me by my Gramma.  So many mornings I remember waking up in my Grandma's house with her in excitement smiling at me and saying that someone was coming to visit that day.  When visitors weren't around she took to mailing thought-filled letters out.  Many times you would find me sitting at her kitchen table writing to aunts, uncles, and my pen-pal.  After I graduated college and moved to the southeast, I wrote everyone and expected everyone to write me.  My mailing address was published in my local Midwestern newspaper for all my community to keep in touch.  We all loved our little rural community cluster and it was easily forgotten that we housed a major prison in Illinois, till I got a letter from an inmate.  Oops.  

This month I invited a few young ladies over to show them how much fun we could have since the art of writing, sending and receiving letters has unfortunately become lost in our society, even though not in my heart or home.  So, I pulled out my stationary and had some sweet valentine's treats and we got to work reaching out to our friends and family.   Here you'll see sweet youngsters and my friend enjoying a great universal past time with me.


angela o'